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Exclusive interior design

MC Interior is an interior design studio located in St. Petersburg. We carry out design projects all over the world. You can order an exclusive apartment interior, country house design, restaurant and other commercial spaces from us. The main activity of the studio mcinterior is the creation of elite interiors of private residences, premium cinema halls and high-tech wine cellar. For more than ten years, we professionally create and implement interlaced turnkey interiors.
Our philosophy
Creating functional spaces that will remain in trend for many years and delight the views of satisfied customers!
Our philosophy
Creating functional spaces that will remain in trend for many years and delight the views of satisfied customers!
Prices for our services
Please note that the prices for the services are presented roughly and may vary depending on the requirements of the project.
Apartment design

250 $/m²
Development of planning solutions and the concept of the future interior, as well as 3D visualization of all rooms, working drawings, specifications of materials, furniture and equipment.

Interior design of villas
250 $/m²
The process of developing the interior design of villas also includes taking into account the location of the house, its architectural features and engineering systems.
Commercial Space Design
250 $/m²
Development of the design project of offices, restaurants, salons and other commercial spaces.
Home planning solutions
110 $/m²
On the basis of the plan, a concept of the room layout is created, measurements and detailing of the planning solution are made, with an indication of all the required dimensions.
Architectural concept
from 2000$
The architectural concept includes the creation of graphic materials, 3-D models of the object under development, an explanatory note and applications.
Author's supervision
from $ 900 per month
Architectural supervision is carried out during the entire period of construction and finishing works for full compliance with the original design project.
Luxury studio interior design
Each project is filled with individuality and is designed taking into account all the wishes of the client, his life rhythm and preferences. We will create for you a unique interior that will exceed all your expectations. Your convenience and comfort are our top priorities. Exclusivity and uniqueness of the interior will allow you to feel your privilege.
We try not only to realize the dream of the perfect home, we create an interior that fully reflects the personality. Only such an approach will provide you with delight at the first impression and the happiness of being at home afterwards.


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  • Design studio
    MC Interior - Studio exclusive interior design. We do not follow trends in interior design, but create them. All our projects are particularly individual, the stylistic conciseness is complemented by the luxury of materials - this is where the unique, easily recognizable style of MC Interior is born. Profound knowledge in the field of space ergonomics allows creating truly comfortable interiors. Continuous improvement of technical knowledge makes every project thought out: a smart home becomes really functional, a personal cinema hall works like a clock, all engineering systems are skillfully hidden in a luxurious interior.
    With us you can order a design project of an apartment, country house, design of a restaurant or a new office, we will gladly perform it at the highest level! We also professionally develop integrated solutions for premium home cinema, which may be relevant for interior design studios and their customers.
    MC Interior is a full-cycle design studio, we carry out a project from a conceptual idea to the completion of all decorating and interior decoration with objects of art.
  • Style
    The style in which we work can be called "minimalist classics." In most design projects, the interior is built on the use of simple lines in combination with rich textures of eco-friendly materials.
    The color scheme is set at the concept stage, as a rule, these are natural shades of gray, rich ocher, umber, variations of the beige palette and open colors that give the room brightness. All mood boards - a combination of colors, textures and materials, are selected individually.
    The style of the interior is first of all its harmony, the integrity of the perception of the whole space as a whole. The cosiness and feeling of warmth that fill the artistically designed interior is also the result of the designer's professional work together with the customer at the final stage of the project.
    Details and accents introduced at the stage of decoration make the interior design project the most characteristic and memorable.
  • The process
    The process of developing a design project begins with the study of planning decisions and acquaintance with the preferences and lifestyle of the customer, after jointly filling out a technical task that allows you to better understand all the needs and expectations of the future interior. The concept is an album with sketches, references, color schemes and basic materials that will form the basis of the design project. The detailed concept allows to significantly reduce the time to create a unique interior design that meets all customer preferences.
    In parallel with the concept, a planning solution is being developed, which lays the foundation for ergonomics and comfort. Next, we develop 3D visualizations of all the rooms; this serves as an excellent tool for demonstrating the space and color solutions, the designer's idea and the author's details that will make the interior truly exclusive.
    After completing the entire creative part, working drawings and specifications are issued on the basis of which work can be carried out to implement the design project. At all stages of the production of works, we carry out architectural supervision, answering all the questions of builders, if necessary, we make corrections and additions to the design project.